Progressive Justice for Travis County

I’ve served the people of Travis County for over 30 years as a felony prosecutor, practicing exclusively in courts just like the 167th and building a reputation as a fair and honest attorney who is open and accessible. I have a proven track record of working with advocates, community groups, and nonprofits to improve our criminal justice system in ways that work for real people. As judge, I would continue that work to ensure our justice system reflects our values. 

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Prioritize Diversion Programs We need to prioritize Diversion Programs and other evidence-based best practices to keep low-level, non-violent offenders out of jail. These people would be better served by being diverted to treatment or social and mental health services. 

As judge, I will work to expand our mental health docket to include case managers and greater access to treatment providers. With respect to diversion, we should proactively reach out to eligible defendants and waive court costs and program fees for indigent participants so cost is not a barrier.

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Improve Indigent Defense Services The right to a fair trial is a pillar of our justice system. Having competent legal representation is critical, but the majority of the people who come to court cannot afford an attorney or legal services on their own.

As judge, I will support a fully funded Public Defender’s Office so that everyone has access to proficient legal counsel and increase access to investigators and expert witnesses (resources allocated by judges) for indigent defendants in my courtroom.

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Review Bail Bond Applications Bail-reform holds implications for defendants’ housing and employment as well as community safety. No one should be in jail solely because they don’t have money to make bail.

As judge, I will personally review cases where a personal bond is denied to ensure the appropriate legal considerations were made as well as utilize technological alternatives to incarceration, such as GPS tracking devices, electronic monitoring, and alcohol monitoring equipment.